Slicing Pie

This article is about slicing pie – two types of pie – equity and fruit. Equity pies and fruit pies need to be sliced – that is about as much as they have in common. This article is about both because, in a way, the dichotomy exemplifies the work-life balance that every entrepreneur struggles to […]

Legal Document Automation

During and after my second year in law school, I worked for a small law office. One of my responsibilities was document drafting. I often drafted discovery documents – interrogatories, requests for admissions, and requests for documents – as well as letters and pleadings. A few weeks after starting work, my supervising attorney expressed alarm […]

Inspiration for the xMINIMUS Logo and Mini Bot – Building Blocks

The inspiration for the xMINIMUS Logo and Mini Bot came from a simple concept which elegantly illustrates the core values and spirit of how we operate and develop systems. That first inspiration was the tiny, noble Lego knight you see below. Legos represent an important concept in technology, and one of the key ingredients in […]

Will Technology Eliminate Lawyers?

Fear not, lawyers. Wish not, doctors. Technology will not eliminate lawyers.  Legal technology will, however, either enhance or detract from citizens’ access to justice and the ease of legal practice.  Law, after all, is not in the first place about the lawyer, but about the lawyer’s client — a citizen — and his or her […]

Shared Risk and Shared Reward: How xMINIMUS Helps Startups Achieve Liftoff

Looking for a way to kick your startup into gear but mindful of budget? The xMINIMUS Shared Risk/Shared Reward program lets you work with a motivated and invested business partner while minimizing your upfront costs. What is Shared Risk/Shared Reward? The best outcomes occur when all parties have skin in the game, each invested in […]


We provide enterprises, small businesses, governments, start-ups and nonprofits with a full range of information technology services. From software solutions, SEO, and digital marketing to startup consulting and implementation, xMINIMUS delivers efficient, effective and valuable options for our clients. What separates xMINIMUS from others is our combination of creativity, innovative programming and multi-industry subject matter […]