Inspiration for the xMINIMUS Logo and Mini Bot – Building Blocks

The inspiration for the xMINIMUS Logo and Mini Bot came from a simple concept which elegantly illustrates the core values and spirit of how we operate and develop systems. That first inspiration was the tiny, noble Lego knight you see below.

Legos represent an important concept in technology, and one of the key ingredients in the xMINIMUS secret sauce: a set of interchangeable building blocks which allow one to build different things with the same pieces. This is not a new idea in technology. Of course, it is not the only ingredient in our secret sauce.

In this short post we wanted to share with you the original inspiration and a few graphics illustrating the creative evolution of our brand. Today, it is easy enough to find a pre-made logo for your business or start-up. What’s a bit more difficult is finding a company name, a matching website domain, and then creating something elegant that identifies your brand while telling a story you enjoy telling.

The original inspiration:

Logo Drafts:

Later Dialog on “Mini-Bot” Brand Avatar:

The final versions: Logo with Tagline, Icon, Mini Bot, Business Cards:

Over the years, we have brought value to our customers and have built lots of cool, high-quality software using building blocks. Contact us for references. We would enjoy hearing from you.

Thanks to Lisa Hawley at Swiftnote Solutions for all of her work.

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